Multi – functional assistant of a tax resident

The application automatically calculates the days of stay in any country
Download Available for download on App Store and Google Play
You travel – the app records, saving information about the visited countries in the background
The application contains up-to-date information about the requirements to obtain tax resident status in any country
Your trips are automatically generated in a single file. Don't forget to check your e-mail!
You will not forget about the deadlines, crossing the border and about the duration of your stay in the country
Your data is protected and duplicated to the cloud storage. Nothing will be lost!

It calculates correctly the days of stay in the selected country of tax residence. TAX RESIDENT takes into account the rules for calculating days in all jurisdictions.

Yes, TAX RESIDENT provides direct access to qualified tax consultants in all countries of the world.

Install the application and complete the registration. Allow to track your geolocation in the application profile. Next, in the “Countries” tab, select the desired country of tax residence and add the current country of your location in the “Trips” tab. The data on previous trips may also be added to generate a complete report.

Transfer this data to the application by adding it in the “Trips” tab, and get an automatic calculation of the number of days of stay in each country in accordance with the rules for counting days.
Next, TAX RESIDENT will keep count of days for you using your geolocation. You may attach a supporting document (photo of a boarding pass or stamp in your passport) to the record of your trip.

The paid version of the application includes:
• possibility to download the report on all trips;
• data backup to the cloud storage, which ensures their safety.

monthly subscription: 1.99 eur
annual subscription: 15.99 eur

Based on such report you prepare documents that you submit to the tax authority to confirm your tax status.

All data is saved. You use the same TAX RESIDENT only with additional functionality.

We only need your e-mail address to which trip reports are sent. No other personal data is collected, which ensures complete confidentiality when using the application.

In most countries, it is a person who stays in the country for at least 183 days a year. TAX RESIDENT provides a brief overview of taxation for individuals in all countries.

Main responsibility: paying taxes in the country where you are a tax resident.
Additional responsibilities: filing of tax returns, notifying tax authorities about bank account opening , etc. depending on the country.

The possibility of choosing a country for paying taxes for people who travel often is a profitable option, if the days of your stay are counted correctly. Since the days of stay are counted differently in different countries, it is not always easy. TAX RESIDENT takes into account the rules for calculating days in all jurisdictions.

It depends on the country. For example:
– in China, both the day of arrival to and the day of departure from the country are considered days spent outside China;
– in Germany, the day of departure is considered a day spent in the country, but the day of arrival is not;
– in Russia, the arrival and departure days are considered days spent in Russia.

Yes, there are countries that assign the status of a tax resident if you are a citizen of this country or this country is your main place of living. For example, the US or Israel citizens retain the status of tax residents of these countries even if they have not stayed there even for a day in a year, and you may become a tax resident of France by purchasing the real estate.

Download Available for download on App Store and Google Play